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[free trial] four-dimensional wisdom life - looking for intelligent experience

Date:2017-05-20 16:16

What do you think of the intelligent toilet? Honorable? Luxury? Sanitation? Small noise? Convenient? Or, you don't have a conception of the intelligent toilet yet?

Four dimensional intelligent toilet

Integrated appearance elegant, smooth and simple; equipped with LCD remote control, compact and convenient; a second seat that is hot, the winter PP are warm.
Buttocks cleaning, female cleaning, 10 stalls water potential regulation, warm air drying, seat heating, these are standard~
East parents come short of hezekiah,
Let's take a look at how consumers experience the intelligent toilet
@Stars in the night sky Misser
Since using the four-dimensional intelligent toilet, directly fell in love with the toilet, sitting here on the toilet do not want to leave, enjoy the feeling of being washed PP...
@Bi Chi
The hemorrhoids that have bothered me for more than 3 years are all right, [[doge]], that's a nice thing
@Native Xi'an
Warm water rinse is very comfortable, ha ha ha ha, massage like. The "Edit" photo "refueling ah
@Simple snow
Washers automatically warm, very good, but also with warm air to dry, winter toilet, fart fart are warm, and before, ah, once in winter, afraid to go to the toilet.
@Big ears aom 
Because grandpa home installed intelligent toilet, daughter will skillfully operate each function button, from washing to drying, a process down, she feels comfortable, small fart is also clean, parents also worry.
@GJTDHeaven and earth have me
A smart toilet is very convenient, especially for women and the elderly, women's health is very important, the mobility of the elderly, the intelligent toilet, only need to touch the intelligent remote control button, everything can be completed automatically after cleaning
It is undeniable that intelligence can bring convenience to life.
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